Shipping and Returns

Cancellation of transactions

A: Cancellation of transactions is possible in two cases

A. Cancellation due to product defect.
B. Cancellation for another reason.

Cancellation due to product defect

In the event of a defective product receipt or any other product malfunction, it is important to notify us immediately on the website or via email – it is advisable to attach a photo of the product. If any defect is discovered, our customer service should be contacted and we will do our utmost to assist the customer as soon as possible.

To the extent that the Company confirms that there is indeed a defect in the product, you will be asked to send the product to us by registered mail at our address, Protea Collection Ltd – On the Israeli Diamond Exchange, Maccabi 9th floor building 940-1
 1 Jabotinsky St. Ramat Gan, Israel. Including the purchase invoice and contact details

Immediately upon receipt of the jewelry, we will investigate the nature of the malfunction and contact you by telephone / e-mail for further processing and / or co-ordination of re-shipment or credit.

Cancel for another reason

Canceling for another reason can be a piece of jewelry that is designed on-site or a piece of jewelry that the user has designed himself.

Ready-made jewel

As the order is a piece of jewelry with an existing design from an existing inventory, an order can be canceled free of charge – as long as the shipment does not arrive within 30 days. If the order is placed, a shipping cost must be paid

Cancellation of the transaction in such a situation is on condition that the product is not used and there is no defect or damage

User-designed jewelry

Jewelry designed by the surfer / user / customer in any way, including changes to existing jewelry design and / or use of personal design (including design from a photo brought by the customer), etc., will not be possible to cancel a transaction
And / or refund and / or return of the product at all

However, the user can notify the company / site of canceling a transaction within 7 days, and the company / site can decide, in its sole discretion, whether to cancel the transaction or not – which is mainly related to
For the progress of jewelry production. If the company / site has decided to cancel the transaction, it will be entitled to charge the customer at a cost of up to 30% at the sole discretion of the company / site

Custom design orders that have already been sent to the customer cannot be canceled at all

All other terms of transaction cancellation and return of the product shall be as above

For jewelry over NIS 3500, the transaction cannot be canceled at all

Notice of Cancellation

Notice of cancellation will be made by contacting the site’s customer service, subject to payment of cancellation fees – by sending a message to the company by Fax: 03-6881223 or by e-mail
A: The customer service of the company whose address
A: The cancellation notice delivered to the company’s customer service must contain the following information

B. Customer’s first name and family

C. Order date

D. Invoice number

E. The amount of the order

F. E-mail address and telephone number

G. The cause of cancellation

H. Transaction receipt for the transaction

In the event of cancellation of an order, the site will deduct from the refunded amount for cancellation of the order, a cancellation fee of 5% of the refunded amount, but in any case no more than NIS 100, in accordance with the provisions of the law.

If he finds after checking the site, and in his sole discretion, that the surfer is entitled to cancel the transaction, he will be refunded the amount he actually paid (without any bonuses, gifts or benefits – if any). The refund
You will do the same way the surfer paid for the transaction

If the gifts are given to the customer, please note that the above goods will be returned together

It is emphasized that such refund will be made after returning the product to the company address specified in these Terms, at the expense of the user and / or user in its original packaging and when it is new and has no defect of any kind. For the avoidance of doubt
Upon cancellation of such reservation, any bonus, discount or benefit of any kind granted to the user will be canceled.

(Clarification: Product returned will be delivered to a gemological lab for testing (diamond quality and quality as well as gold / platinum quality

“PAYPAL” To the extent that a credit is transferred to the surfer (if it is found to be eligible), the refund will only be refunded to the same credit card on which the order was placed, and in accordance with the schedule of the credit company or company
As they advertise. The user will have no claim against the company and / or the site in this regard –

For direct debit card holders, the value of the transaction cannot be credited and a customer can be credited (if found eligible) only by crediting another jewelry site.

It is clarified that the company and / or the website will not give a monetary credit for products that have not been paid for money. This is relevant in case the user has placed an order on the basis of an offer, gift or discount. Also, in cases
For an offer purchase, the cash credit will be given based on the actual purchase price and not the current price on the site.

A: If you choose to send the item back to us by mail, please send it by registered mail only
Israel Diamond Exchange, Maccabi 9th Floor 940-1, 3 Jabotinsky St. Ramat Gan, Israel
Attach the invoice and contact information

We cannot take responsibility for products not sent by Registered Mail .